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Are you a business we've listed? Or are we missing you're business? You've come to the right place as we're here to help.

Tripigy is a web and mobile platform that is community based, providing access to services and places to stay in different areas. We maintain a large database of locations that are managed and reviewed by our Team Tripigy members. If you've been listed, it's because a user or a team member has identified your location and business. Not sure who Tripigy is and what we do? You can read the about us page for more information.

Whats a listing?
Each location has its own listing. We've done our best, based on user submissions and research, to get our database as accurate as possible. However, as you can imagine, things change and we always welcome updates. We have a dedicated team that only provides data entry and updates based on business feedback and submissions from the user community. If you're a business owner, you can easily update any of your information or request us to update the information for you. Ultimately, the users of Tripigy want the most accurate information.

Listings in our data-store are "FREE", and although other places charge for listings, Tripigy does not (and never will). Why? Tripigy is a place to find and share experiences, it is supported by our User Community. Tripigy will never ask you to pay a fee for the listing, but gives you access, as a business (or even user community), to ensure your information is accurate and up to date, and what you wish to have listed.

Reviews are provided under Tripigy. Like other significant sized travel platforms, reviews allow users to share their experience. We encourage businesses to get involved with the review process and submit responses to reviews to ensure that our members have a balanced approach to feedback. Our team is also here to help ensure our reviews are appropriate content and of benefit to the community in-line with the terms and conditions of use within the community.

How do i list on Tripigy
Not Listed? If you're not on Tripigy, our users won't be able to find your site when they are planning to visit or are in the area. As Tripigy is both Mobile and Web, it's not uncommon for a user to be driving through the area and looking for a particular place to stay for the night. To get on Tripigy, you can either contact our team, use the contact us form, or you can even add the location (menu Add new Location). Our team will receive the data, validate the site and then activate the listing. This is normally pretty quick and is done within a few hours during business hours. You can also reach out to the team at and we'll contact you.

My site is listed, but it's wrong
Even though we make best effort to get the information accurate, we know things change. Therefore, we use our community feedback and business contacts to update our listings and keep them accurate. As above, we don't have a fee for listings on Tripigy.
In 2015, we will be introducing some tools that will allow businesses, if they wish, to access additional research and information about their area. However, for the time being, you can simply send an email to with any changes or updates or feedback you have. Don't forget you can also register on the site and submit reviews and user community photos etc. Don't forget you can also register on the site and submit reviews and user community photos etc.
In early 2015, Tripigy will be launching "", which is a free service to all listings that allows a business to update and manage their own listing, plus manage reviews, updates, images and much more. This gives you complete control over the information hosted on Tripigy.

Tripigy is a Search and Aggregator of data and as such, we do not own copyright to the content relating to business listings. Content listed on Tripigy relating to a business is managed by that business. We have 2 forms of listings a "basic" listing that contains only location, non-descriptive content, or a "detailed" listing that provides additional information about a location, typically, similar to that of listings core web site (if available). Sometimes this content is provided by the user community and as such Tripigy is not able to verify or validate the accuracy of the information. However, ensuring this information is accurate, we have a dedicated team working with businesses to maintain the best accuracy as possible. We encourage you to email our dedicated support team to ensure we have the relevant information on your business. We're here to help.

Tripigy Pty Ltd.
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Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Or Visit Team Tripigy online at Team Tripigy Online Blog, Trips & Status. is your online interactive cloud based solution to plan, socialise and share your outdoor experiences and adventures with friends, family and everyone! Tripigy maintains one of the largest and most up to date locations database for camping, caravan and motorhome locations within Australia.
Our Points of Interest references nearly 20,000 fuel, medical, gas, camping and food locations, all of which come in handy when you're out experiencing the great outdoors. The Tripigy cloud and social network is free for everyone to join and provides additional features such as real-time status tracking, blogging, trip planning, photo sharing and so much more.
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Tripigy Pty Ltd.
ABN 82 602 181 215

Listed on Tripigy and want to update your listing for free? Or simply want to know more about the Tripigy platform? If you're a business read here for more information about Tripigy, how you can get in contact with us and further information on updating our site.

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